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David McFadzean (@macterra)

crypto-anarchist // engineer-scientist // extropian-transhumanist // pancritical-rationalist // agnostic-atheist // modal-realist // stoic-epicurean


I’m fascinated by the nature of intelligent systems. I want to understand natural minds and build artificial ones. I’m also very interested in building technology that enables groups to become more intelligent. Philosophically I’m interested in the relation between intelligence, rationality and ethics.

Socially I prefer to operate behind the scenes so that only those in the know recognize my contributions. My Kiersey temperament is INT* which corresponds to Mastermind/Architect, a description I like.

I have the most respect for critical thinkers who can express their ideas with clarity. I think people are best understood as the product of two kinds of replicators: genes and memes. I think evolution is an incredibly powerful concept. I think life is best lived as a game. If I was a hedgehog my paradigm would be game theory. I think there is great beauty in logic as expressed in mathematics and algorithms.